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Safety Principals

Safety and health of every employee.
Protection of the Public.
Identification and correction of hazards.
Safety shall be a core-value of our daily routine of all employees of White Oak.
There will be NO COMPROMISE of rules and procedures whenever safety is involved.
All employees of the company shall comply with the safety, health, and environmental laws and regulations.

Your Responsibilities

Adherence to all company safety policies and procedures and explained in the handbook and addendums.

Setting an example through your own safe performance.

Maintaining awareness of your capabilities to perform your job safely, recommending training or safety program changes.

100% compliance with our safe work standards and practices.

Informing the Director of Safety of changes in your operation or potential hazards which require action

POSITIVE communication with Dispatchers and employees.

Our drivers are to be professional, passive and non-aggressive on the roadways.


Get home safe, and without violations (CSA, logs, speeding)

Lower the frequency and/or eliminate preventable accidents

Lower the frequency and/or eliminate job injuries

Interested in working with White Oak?

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Interested in working with us?

Our online application makes it easy to get started

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